ATHOR – Phd Recruitment

Willing to integrate a high-level collaborative and interdisciplinary project?

Join our team to craft the future of ceramic materials for high temperature applications.

ATHOR aims at recruiting 15 PhD Students, as Early Stage Researchers (ESRs).

The 3 years PhD studies will be supervised by the Academic Parteners: UNILIM (3 positions), AGH (2 positions), RWTH (3 positions),                                   MUL (2 positions),UORL (2 positions) and UNMIHO (3 positions).

ESRs will thus all conduct original research projects, but also visit other network partners for secondments, and participate in the training and outreach ATHOR programme. These worldwide workshops and transfers between research teams within the FIRE network will provide excellent training opportunities and enhance their career prospects.


ETN-ATHOR project and ESRs Recruitment procedure