Upcoming event : RTC2 Part2 Multiphysics coupling

RTC2 Part2 – Multiphysics coupling, will take place from the 23rd – 27th March 2020 in Guimarães, Portugal at the University of MINHO. The course will cover a wide range of subjects including:

The Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes, a theoretical framework to write multiphysics coupling models
Macro-scale approaches on multiphysics coupling: modelling parameters
Macro-scale approaches on multiphysics coupling: applications
Molecular simulations of nanoporous materials: unveiling the physical origins of the thermo-hygro-mechanical response
Behavior of cement-based materials at high temperatures
Multiphysics coupling with Abaqus : How to do it ?
Transport properties measurements and reaction kinetics assessments for multiphysics study of refractory corrosion

as well as a presentation of the industrial applications:
Numerical simulations in Imerys: From process application to material development

and, soft-skills training in project management.

We will also be visiting the UMINHO laboratory LEST as well as spending a whole day visiting the FireLab in Coimbra.
You can find all this information and more on the flyer.

This project has received funding
from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant
agreement no.764987