Outreach :

ATHOR on the BBC

European Researchers' Night Limoges 2019


Short Documentary about ATHOR

Prof. M Huger on the radio (French)

Maison de L'Europe

Symposium 'Jaques Poirier'

What the ESRs get up to on secondment :

Diana in Aachen, Germany

Rafael in Limoges, France

Diana in Coimbra, Portugal

Lucas in Leoben, Austria

Camille in Aachen, Germany

Ilona in Limoges, France

Robert in Orleans, France

Hung in Limoges, France

Camille at TataSteel, Holland

Lucas at Saint Gobain, France

Useful scientific methods in refractories research :

Uniaxial compressive creep test

Laser flash method

Uniaxial tensile creep test

Hot disk method

Uniaxial compressive tests in refractory masonry walls at high temperature

Hot stage microscope

Integrated Digital Image Correlation

Damping measurements via Impulse Excitation Technique at High Temperature

Static or dynamic dipping test

Cyclic Thermal Shock Test

Wedge Splitting Test

Coupled corrosion-resonant frequency monitoring

Refractoriness under load / creep in compression